Recycling Information

The Town of Fox Lake is committed to the promotion of recycling in order to do our part to maintain the pristine beauty of the three lakes within the Town (Fox Lake, Lake Emily and Beaver Dam Lake) and the surrounding environs for generations to come.  Recycling is currently accepted weekly in the roadside collection format for all eligible household units within the Town.  Please click the downloadable form to learn more about all of the items currently accepted for recycling in the Town, including paper (newspapers, magazines, etc.) cardboard items, glass (bottles and jars), metal cans (aluminum, steel/tin, clean foil and pans, etc.), plastic containers (#1, #2, #4, #5, and #7), large rigid plastics and cartons.  You may contact the Clerk/Treasurer at (920) 763-7910 or the Waste Disposal & Recycling Committee: Supervisor Eisenga (920) 960-3841 and Supervisor Brieman (920) 928-2288 with any questions regarding recycling in the Town of Fox Lake.